Waterproofing Membranes

CS GPro Waterproofing Systems

This historical line of waterproofing systems, born in 1936, today offers high-quality bitumen-polymer membranes that have earned a reputation on the market as products of exceptional durability. The top-of-the-range line, which includes more than 100 different types of products, specifically certified by the most important International certification authorities, is the “family” of bituminous membranes named EQ (Enduring Quality), made with compounds of the finest quality that ensure long-term resistance and performance.

SYSTEMS FOR SPECIAL APPLICATIONS In addition to CS GPro waterproofing membranes for traditional uses we developed a complementary range of products necessary for the correct design of most complex waterproofing packages, such as root barrier systems (Eradix), vapor barrier, etc.

Bituminous-polymer waterproofing membranes comply with the CE mark and are specifically certified.

CS GPro Waterproofing Membranes VISCOGUM

PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS: modified bitumen APP membrane particularly suitable for multi-layer solutions in cement, metal, or wooden structures, with or without thermal insulation. The versions with HSP polyester are specifically used in applications that require particular mechanical properties (foundations, retaining walls and heavy under-slabs, etc.).

REINFORCEMENTS: a wide range of stabilized polyester TNT reinforcements with different mechanical properties in order to meet the design requirements of different technical solutions. Also available with fiberglass reinforcement.

FINISHES: polyethylene film, sand, mineral self-protection in different colors.

PLUS: thanks to the excellent performance of the compound at high temperatures even after aging, VISCOGUM has been used very successfully for more than 25 years in countries with very hot climates such as those in the following geographical areas: Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia, and South America. The wide range of Viscogum products makes it possible to design and customize the most common technical solutions.