Green Worx

Creating Clean & Green Surroundings

It is very rightly said cleanliness is next to godliness, Green Worx products intend to spread this belief and help the community maintain a clean and pleasant surroundings/ public spaces. JP Worx offers durable equipments with a large variety of blend of colours and designs mix. The products blend into the ambience n thus adds to the holistic design than standing out like an eyesore. Also the products such as bins, benches, picnic tables provide an ease of use thus encouraging people to maintain the cleanliness and make complete use of the facilities.

We offer dynamic products that benefits society in multiple ways. Green Worx provides plenty of options to sustain clean atmospheres. Bins in the shape of birds and animals assures that maintaining cleanliness is an enjoyable activity for kids who otherwise refrain from throwing waste papers in the dustbins. Our colourful designs make the overall experience delightful for kids and add to the ambience quotient. Green Worx also offers a wide variety of benches to suit every surrounding and age groups. The H Worx equipments remains fresh and do not wear-out with various seasonal conditions. They create comfortable surrounding and sustainable environment.