Green Play provides warranty on all of its products such as playground equipment for children; outdoor furniture and other products all defects in materials and manufacturing are entitled for warranty.

Details of warranty:
5 year warranty on the main body of the structure if damage caused due to corrosion or deterioration from exposure to air. This guarantee only applies to posts GI and steel floor.

5-year guarantee on steel structures parts if damaged due to production defects or defects in material quality of the product.

3 year guarantee on plastic parts if damaged due to defects in material and product quality. This warranty also covers the rotating mould, such as pipes or slides.

2 year warranty on swaying parts if damaged due to defects in materials and manufacturing defects. This warranty covers spring rider, swing, seesaw and all outdoor fitness equipment.

2 year warranty to ensure the safety of synthetic rubber (which includes synthetic rubber; pour in the kind of security with EPDM).

This warranty does not cover any defectsof color fading or discoloration due to weather, Damaged or breakage as a result of playing the wrong way and Accidents caused due to lack of supervision