Crumb Rubber Material

Crumb Rubber means recycled rubber. It is used to make several products and services. It has large demand as it provides strong bonding for surfaces and other goods; whilst maintaining comfort level and safety for its users.

Few Usages of Crumb Rubber

• Shred Rubber &Rubber Granules
• Most Mesh Size Available
• Bulk Bag &Poly Bag Packaging

Few Usages of Infill Rubber

This material is mixed for several uses but mostly to develop artificial turfs.

• SBR & EPDM Infill
• Most Mesh Size Available

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)

This material is one of the kinds of synthetic rubber. EPDM is used for seals, radiators, garden equipments, tubing, washers, belts and many more products that we use in a daily lives. Basically, EPDM is used for roofing materials for the buildings and for other building related industries. EPDM is in high demand to build flexible single ply.

• Seamless Appearance
• Custom Made Designs/Size
• Wide Choice Of Colors